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Just describe your business concept in simple terms, and receive a stunning, professionally designed website and iOS & Android app ready to go live. Website and app management has never been more straightforward. 🚀

Professional design included
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Unlock Your Business's Online Potential with Artificial Intelligence

With our technology, you gain a powerful online presence that drives success, showcasing your brand, attracting customers, and expanding your business potential

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AI-powered Website and App Building 

M4trix Dev's solves the daunting task of website and apps creation by offering an intuitive, user-friendly platform that allows clients to have a functional website up and running in minutes

Easy Breezy Web and App Creation

Creating your dream website or app is a snap! Enjoy user-friendly design, smart SEO, and cool AI features – all in one place.

Simplicity Defined

Provide just a description and watch as we generate a complete, fully functional website for you. It's straightforward and efficient – perfect for getting online quickly.

Elegant Design

Our platform ensures a clean, modern design that's not just visually appealing but also optimised to convert visitors into customers. Each layout is crafted with the user experience in mind.

Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s mobile-first world, we guarantee that your website will look great and function seamlessly on all mobile devices, adapting perfectly to different screen sizes for optimal user experience.

SEO Optimisation

Drive organic traffic effortlessly with our platform's ability to publish SEO-optimised pages and blog posts. Tailored to your niche, these features help you rank higher and reach your target audience more effectively.

AI-Driven Templates

Our pre-made templates generate compelling AI marketing content across various channels. Whether it's enhancing your social media presence or creating SEO-optimised articles, our templates streamline content creation.

AI Copilot (coming soon)

Our intuitive UI combined with powerful AI capabilities allows you to effortlessly create website pages, landing pages, and blog posts. This tool simplifies content creation while ensuring high-quality, engaging output.


Boost Your Website and Mobile Application with Essential Features

We've made it incredibly easy to add a few key tools that will empower your business to flourish online.


Easily create custom forms on your website to capture leads, feedback, or inquiries, enhancing user interaction and business growth.


Add live chat to your site for instant customer support, enhancing user experience and engagement with real-time communication.


Offer seamless appointment and reservation booking, perfect for service providers, with user-friendly scheduling to improve customer experience.


Generate essential legal documents like privacy policies and terms of service easily, ensuring compliance and transparency.


Set up a complete online store, manage products, process payments securely, and track orders, all integrated into your website.


Gain insights into website traffic, user behaviour, and performance metrics with advanced analytics for informed decision-making.

Performance, Quality, Affordability: Your Website Essentials

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Unlock Your Online Potential Today! Get Started Now

Unlock Your Website's Full Potential

Integration Without the Hassle

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Pick the pricing that fits for you

Web Pro

£19 /monthly billed annually

Get a professionally designed website with our affordable web package

Start Free
  • Website Designed by our Team
  • Unlimited Number of Pages
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Free Hosting & Maintenance
  • Self-managed AI content changes (coming soon)

App Pro

£39 /monthly billed annually

Convert your existing website to a fully functioning iOS and Android app

Start Free
  • Convert existing website to App
  • Native Android & iOS App
  • Custom design
  • Push notifications
  • Monetisation features

Web & App Combo

£59 /monthly billed annually

Create a stunning website and an app in one go with our combo package

Start Free
  • Everything in Web and App plan
  • Unified Branding Across Platforms
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • On-call onboarding
  • Priority Customer Support


Let's talk

Let us develop a bespoken website or mobile app tailored to your unique needs

Let's Talk
  • Custom App or Website Development
  • Personalised Consultation for Unique Needs
  • User authentication systems
  • Database Management and Storage Capabilities
  • Bespoken processes designed for specific operational requirements

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

M4trix Dev simplifies website and app creation by providing an intuitive platform where you can describe your business concept and receive a stunning, professionally designed website or app ready to go live. Our AI Copilot helps you effortlessly modify or update your website or app anytime

Will my website look great on mobile devices?

Yes, definitely. In today's mobile-first world, we guarantee that your website will look great and function seamlessly on all mobile devices. It adapts perfectly to different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience

Does M4trix Dev offer AI-driven templates for marketing content creation?

Yes, M4trix Dev does offer AI-driven templates for marketing content creation. These templates are designed to streamline the process of creating compelling marketing materials. They leverage artificial intelligence to provide a variety of features, including customisation, efficiency, diverse content formats, consistency in branding and accessibility for non-experts

What types of websites can be created using M4trix Dev?

M4trix Dev allows clients to create a wide range of websites, including business websites, personal portfolios, e-commerce stores, and more. The AI technology ensures an easy and efficient website creation process

Can I create a website or app quickly with M4trix Dev?

Absolutely! M4trix Dev allows you to have a fully functional website up and running in minutes. Just provide a description, and we will generate a complete website or app for you. It's straightforward and efficient, perfect for getting online quickly

Can M4trix Dev help with search engine optimisation?

Absolutely! Our platform enables you to easily publish SEO-optimised pages and blog posts, driving organic traffic effortlessly. These features are tailored to your niche, helping you rank higher and reach your target audience more effectively

How can the AI Copilot simplify content creation?

AI Copilot streamlines content creation by quickly rewriting text for clarity and engagement, maintaining core messages, and adapting content for different platforms. It saves time and improves with use, acting as a versatile, learning assistant in content refinement.

How does the mobile app conversion service work?

Our website to app conversion service allows clients to transform their existing websites into fully functional mobile apps with ability to send notification. 

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