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Elevate your customer interactions with our Mobile Pass service. Easily create, manage, and redeem digital passes to boost loyalty and enhance conversion rates. Take your business to the next level!

Experience the Power of Digital Convenience

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Effortlessly enhance customer engagement with Mobile Pass

Digitise passes, boost loyalty & engagement, increase conversions, and gain insights

Digitize passes effortlessly for customers

Enhance loyalty through personalised digital interactions.

Easily create, manage, and redeem passes with our tool

Drive marketing strategies with customer data

Key features

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Apple Wallet and Google Wallet: Your Essential Pass Organiser

Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are your ultimate tools for storing and managing digital passes alongside your credit cards for Apple Pay or Google Pay. Whether it’s for boarding a flight, attending an event, or grabbing a coffee, Apple & Google Wallets support a variety of pass styles to cater to different needs

Boarding Pass

Conveniently store and manage your airline, train, or bus tickets, ensuring real-time updates on schedules, gate changes, and boarding alerts are always at hand.


Easily access and organise discounts and special offers, complete with notifications to use them before they expire, enhancing savings opportunities.

Event Ticket

Securely store your tickets for concerts, sports, and other entertainment events, with prompt updates on timings and venue information for a hassle-free experience.

Store Card

Manage loyalty and membership cards from your favorite brands, such as Starbucks, with features to track points, receive exclusive offers, and quickly use rewards.


Perfect for any unique or miscellaneous passes like membership IDs or hotel key cards that don’t neatly fit into other categories but are essential to keep organised.

Other Passes

Ideal for assorted digital passes that require easy access and management, from community cards to specialized access credentials, all stored securely in one place.


Why Choose Passes Over Apps?

Passes offer a streamlined and more user-friendly alternative to downloading numerous apps. With a simple click, passes are added to your device's wallet, providing a convenient and less cluttered way to access necessary information and functionalities. 

  • Retention: Passes are retained on 90% of devices after 3 months

  • Simplicity: Users can add passes directly to their wallets with a single click 

  • Efficiency: Redeem via barcode scanning or NFC which enhances security.

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Mobile Pass simplified our membership distribution process and boosted customer engagement

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Answered

How can our business benefit from using your digital pass service?

Our digital pass service enables businesses to effortlessly create, distribute, monitor, and redeem digital coupons, tickets, and membership cards. This translates to increased engagement, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced marketing effectiveness

Can users easily add digital passes to their wallets?

Yes, users can conveniently add digital passes to their Apple Wallet and Google Wallet through clickable links across social media, websites, or printed materials, making it seamless for them to engage with your business

How does your solution help in boosting conversion rates?

Our solution ensures that digital passes remain on users' devices, providing timely reminders and notifications that encourage repeat purchases. This feature helps in boosting conversion rates by keeping your business top-of-mind for customers

Is your digital pass platform suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries?

Yes, our user-friendly platform supports API integration and caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries such as retail, loyalty programs, events, and hospitality. It is designed to help businesses unlock their full potential in customer engagement and loyalty